Futurist Ray Kurzweil’s View of Education

  • Exponential growth of technology/software in every part of our life
  • Exponential awareness/knowledge of the brain (doubling knowledge yearly); creating working models of brain simulations in exact mathematical terms
  • Late 2020’s — we’ll have computing to simulate the human intelligence
  • Wisdom vs. Intelligence?  Ray is asked if he sees wisdom increasing as well as intelligence.  He mentions the oft-discussed (mis-understood) ‘wisdom of crowds’, too, like Google or the aggregate of the blogosophere.
  • The democratizing of knowledge — huge impact on education.  The cost barriers are dropping like flies constantly, so anyone can create previously impossible projects/products.  Same with distribution of e-courses (like MIT’s).
  • Ultimately,it won’t matter if you are in the classroom or not. Still have access to a high level of education.
  • Educators will become “mature guides” to “guide you through the world” of education and information



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