Teaching for Tommorow, Today

A redlab project summary

“There is a great deal of energy around the premise that 21st century education needs to prepare students to actively participate in a society where problems are increasingly complex and innovation skills are essential. The “education for innovation” calls, coming from academia and government, require new visions of teaching and learning processes, as well as novel assessment strategies and technologies. This study, commissioned by the Oracle Education Foundation, explores the teachers’ perspective on this challenge. Through in-depth interviews, we focus on how teachers make sense of all of the debates that surround the issue, as well as the specific demands that are placed on them to bring 21st century learning to their students. By better understanding the teachers’ point of view, we hope to contribute to the design of concrete and actionable strategies, that bring our educational system closer to the goal of preparing students to be workers and citizens that are successful in the global skills race”

Link to the full article http://www.stanford.edu/group/redlab/cgi-bin/materials/Teaching%20for%20Tomorrow%20Today%20Project%20Description.pdf



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