Why Flip The Classroom When We Can Make It Do Cartwheels?

Excerpts/ main points from a wonderful article by Cathy Davidson

“As progressive educational activist Alfie Kohn notes, great teaching isn’t just about content but motivation and empowerment: Real learning gives you the mental habits, practice, and confidence to know that, in a crisis, you can count on yourself to learn something new. That’s crucial in a world where, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, adults change careers (not just jobs) four to six times or where, as an Australian study predicts, 65% of today’s teens will end up in careers that haven’t even been invented yet….”

” Using digital technology to “flip” the classroom, [means their] students do the homework before class, typically reading course materials or watching videos of lectures online.” In some ways, the flipped model is an improvement In the full article Cathy Davidson concludes that, “We don’t just need to flip the classroom…. We need to make it do cartwheels.”

She particularly points to higher education instituions to set the standard, “When you decide to change higher ed with the purpose of changing the world, you aim high. Because of academic freedom–freedom of ideas but also freedom from having to produce an income or a profit–you can achieve what few other investments achieve:  a return on our society’s future, not just on quarterly Wall Street reports.

The cartwheeled classroom not only connects text books and classrooms to the real world, but it also inspires, uplifts, and offers the joy of accomplishment. Transformative, connected knowledge isn’t a thing–it’s an action, an accomplishment, a connection that spins your world upside down, then sets you squarely on your feet, eager to whirl again. It’s a paradigm shift.”

” The flipped classroom isn’t likely to change the world. Energized, connected, engaged, global, informed, dedicated, activist learning just might.”



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