Design Thinking

Less is more // get rid of the most complexity // focus on communicating the key message in the most simple way possible // do not overcomplicate things // prioritise in the design process.


“The role change from keeper of knowledge to facilitator of learning presents a challenge and an opportunity for educators to dramatically change the way their students learn

Interactivity as a pedagogical technique requires a fundamental change in the way education is delivered. In his book, Growing Up Digtal, Tapscott identifies 7 ways this change occurs:

  • From linear to hypermedia learning.
  • From instruction to construction and discovery.
  • From teacher-centered to learner-centered education.
  • From absorbing material to learning how to navigate and how to learn.
  • From schooling to lifelong learning.
  • From learning as torture to learning as fun.
  • From the teacher as transmitter to the teacher of facilitator”


” My name is Siobhan Cribbin, a  design student currently completing a Bachelor  of Industrial Design at RMIT University, in Melbourne. This blog provides a space, a blank page, on which I will think, scribble & draw out many lines of design enquiry. “